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Writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and whatever else the Muses toss into my head before they spin me around six times and sit me down in front of my computer...oh look Steampunk. I am also flirting heavily with self-publishing and the maze of that jungle is a little like Jager and redbull - not recommended if you have a heart condition.

The price point debate

It comes as no surprise that the debate about how much an ebook should cost is as varied as the readers and writers who like digital media. For me, it’s $5- (4.99). That’s how much I think a fiction novel … Continue reading

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It begins…

Here it is July 1, 2011 and I have finally submitted my first novel to Smashwords. About freakin’ time! I have five other books awaiting their final edits, and now I have finally launched my first book. <crickets chirping> Yup, … Continue reading

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Marketing Melted my Brain and Fed me to the Lions

Today I read, The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker. I think my brain melted.  Seriously.  It is about twenty pages, stuffed full of info that tends to make me think there aren’t enough hours in the day … Continue reading

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What a life!

Well after much ado about nothing I can change for 30 days, my website is paused. Ah well, that leaves me with no excuse to avoid blogging and learning about wordpress. I have to admit that it is capable of … Continue reading

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