Soul Bond

Soul Bond: Synopsis

Book One of the Soul Bound Trilogy

What could possibly go wrong when a Terran woman tries to help a small group of beings from being beaten?

After her sister died, Ana von Lou fled her home town, in Montana, as fast as a space cruiser could carry her.  She was accepted into a language school on the trade planet Bra’ket, because of her Terran medical degree.  It was assumed that she studied the language of Karrish race because she was to dedicate herself to the Medical Corps; the healing branch of the Federation of Aligned Worlds.

While celebrating at a bar on Bra’ket, in an attempt to help, she soul bonded to seven members of the Te’ik race.  The Te’ik are property of the Rakki Imperium, as the race had been absorbed into the imperium over five thousand years before.  The race is used by the traditional healers of the Imperium, the Healing Caste, as an energy source.

Ana is able to channel the healing energy of the Te’ik, making her the first non-Karrish of the Healing Caste.  The leader of the Caste actively works to have Ana killed and the healing clan that she commands, destroyed.  For two reasons, first she considers Ana an abomination and second she craves to control the imperium’s access to the kry-an.  An ancient creature, protected by the Te’ik and now nearly extinct.

As Ana seeks to understand the people she has tied her life to, she is forced to accept a role that makes her feel isolated and uncomfortable.  She is claimed as the head of an entire clan with responsibilities that she never anticipated nor desired.  As the newly formed clan endeavors to learn how to heal, Ana accidently brings them good fortune.

The result of her good fortune requires that the clan travel into space once more.  Not only to inspect the gift that they were given but to enter into a healing contract so that the Caste and the Impeium begin to earn money from their endeavors.  While inspecting the gift, Ana is nearly killed three times and she begins to understand the risk the others are trying to protect her from.

During their healing contract, Ana becomes involved with a member of the Imperial Caste (the ruling caste of the Rakki Imperium).  He teaches her what it means to be the head of a clan and how to accept the service of the warriors that are bound to clan.  In accepting their service, she is forced to accept that she is no longer only Ana von Lou.  She is the leader of a small, but wealthy healing clan with active enemies.

After the terms of the contract are fulfilled, she and the clan accept another contract.  During this contract she slips into a coma, forcing her clan to fulfill the terms of the contract with out her.  While she is unconscious, the members of the clan take the initiative to learn about her world and her language.  They realize that they must strive to understand her, as they unconsciously demand that she understand them.

It is after she is returned to her own body that she is forced to confront her sister’s death and accepts the personal devotion of one of the warriors.  Ana and the Te’ik to whom she bonded, as well as the warriors she claimed as protectors, discover together what it means to be the only soul bonded healing clan in the imperium.


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