Soul Bound

This series of stories was inspired by the innate ability of the human body to heal itself to the best of its ability.  I asked myself, what would happen if it were possible to channel pure energy into the body and actually see skin and muscle knit closed?

Then one of the Karrish glared at me, until I recognized the might of their Empire.  My little human heart acknowledged them as a mighty force, while I plotted the Terran resistance to colonization and absorption into the empire.  Then just to be annoying, I decided that it was going to be a short, unassuming, D.O. that was going to stomp on three thousand years of Imperialist rule.  And she was going to do it with the purest intention of helping.

From there on out the characters whispered their needs into my head.  The Muses stuffed cotton in my ears, distracted my dogs and lounged by the pool, until it was time for all six of them to go home.

I realize that their were nine muses for the Greeks, my muses are not those ones.  They are significantly shorter and have a tendency to fly around and bite me like a rabid group of mosquitoes when they aren’t on the computer playing warcraft.


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