The price point debate

It comes as no surprise that the debate about how much an ebook should cost is as varied as the readers and writers who like digital media. For me, it’s $5- (4.99). That’s how much I think a fiction novel should cost. Why? Because I am more inclined to risk five bucks on a book by an unfamiliar writer than ten and I respect authors who value their work. Plus, five bucks was the cost of a pocket paperback book when I started having my own income and could buy all the books I wanted.

I’ve heard the pros and cons for both the dollar and the ten dollar price points and I have to disagree. I am a realist, ten bucks buys butter, milk and eggs; a buck doesn’t even buy a vending machine soda. I value my work more than a soda and accept that it is less important than survival.

I want my readers to be entertained, not to be stressed out because their escape is competing with essentials. $5- is nearly the same price as a vente fufu drink from your favorite coffee place. Pair that with a $5- ebook, and you’ve spent less than the cost of a movie ticket.

It is all a matter of economic perspective.


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Writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and whatever else the Muses toss into my head before they spin me around six times and sit me down in front of my computer...oh look Steampunk. I am also flirting heavily with self-publishing and the maze of that jungle is a little like Jager and redbull - not recommended if you have a heart condition.
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