It begins…

Here it is July 1, 2011 and I have finally submitted my first novel to Smashwords. About freakin’ time! I have five other books awaiting their final edits, and now I have finally launched my first book.

<crickets chirping>

Yup, that pretty much sums up the enthusiasm of the outside world. What can I say, it’s a big ole world and I’m just one little ‘ole voice in it. That’s ok, by the time more people than my friends and family decide it would be fun to read my stuff, I’ll have at least seven books for them to enjoy.

So wish me luck, read books…yes, mine to!…and enjoy the hell out of your life.





About wekelton

Writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and whatever else the Muses toss into my head before they spin me around six times and sit me down in front of my computer...oh look Steampunk. I am also flirting heavily with self-publishing and the maze of that jungle is a little like Jager and redbull - not recommended if you have a heart condition.
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