What a life!

Well after much ado about nothing I can change for 30 days, my website is paused. Ah well, that leaves me with no excuse to avoid blogging and learning about wordpress. I have to admit that it is capable of just about everything I want my website to do.

Now to the bogging!

After attending the SFWC (San Francisco Writer’s Conference) in Feb. I find myself stunned that publishing is only now having to deal with the digital age. By that I mean, they have not yet modified their business practices. They still do the same thing they did in the 1930’s!

How insane is that? As a writer, I have mixed feelings about entrusting my livelihood to something that hasn’t really adapted to 21st Century life. That unfortunate reality walks hand in hand with that annoying little voice that says, “You aren’t really worthy of being called an author until you’ve been published by one of the Big 6”.

I’ve nearly crushed that bitchy little self defeating voice. Meanwhile, I am finding out about self-pub and holy cow! I may drown due to the options. I’ll let you know…oh will I.

Ignore the evil laughter, soon you won’t notice it at all.


About wekelton

Writer of Fantasy, Science Fiction and whatever else the Muses toss into my head before they spin me around six times and sit me down in front of my computer...oh look Steampunk. I am also flirting heavily with self-publishing and the maze of that jungle is a little like Jager and redbull - not recommended if you have a heart condition.
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