The price point debate

It comes as no surprise that the debate about how much an ebook should cost is as varied as the readers and writers who like digital media. For me, it’s $5- (4.99). That’s how much I think a fiction novel should cost. Why? Because I am more inclined to risk five bucks on a book by an unfamiliar writer than ten and I respect authors who value their work. Plus, five bucks was the cost of a pocket paperback book when I started having my own income and could buy all the books I wanted.

I’ve heard the pros and cons for both the dollar and the ten dollar price points and I have to disagree. I am a realist, ten bucks buys butter, milk and eggs; a buck doesn’t even buy a vending machine soda. I value my work more than a soda and accept that it is less important than survival.

I want my readers to be entertained, not to be stressed out because their escape is competing with essentials. $5- is nearly the same price as a vente fufu drink from your favorite coffee place. Pair that with a $5- ebook, and you’ve spent less than the cost of a movie ticket.

It is all a matter of economic perspective.


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It begins…

Here it is July 1, 2011 and I have finally submitted my first novel to Smashwords. About freakin’ time! I have five other books awaiting their final edits, and now I have finally launched my first book.

<crickets chirping>

Yup, that pretty much sums up the enthusiasm of the outside world. What can I say, it’s a big ole world and I’m just one little ‘ole voice in it. That’s ok, by the time more people than my friends and family decide it would be fun to read my stuff, I’ll have at least seven books for them to enjoy.

So wish me luck, read books…yes, mine to!…and enjoy the hell out of your life.




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Marketing Melted my Brain and Fed me to the Lions

Today I read, The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker.

I think my brain melted.  Seriously.  It is about twenty pages, stuffed full of info that tends to make me think there aren’t enough hours in the day to do this marketing thing properly.  Oy! and Vey! Say it ain’t so Mark!

I fully recommend reading it, especially if the thought of marketing makes your heart beat wildly in your chest, while your cheeks flush and you think to yourself that you’d really rather face the lions of the Coliseum.

Especially then.

My completely unsolicited advise?  Pick three things to do daily.  Do them and when the thought of them is no more threatening than a marshmallow Peep, pick two more things that make you nervous and start doing those.

Follow my own advise you say?  Fine, I choose twitter, commenting on a blog post and writing an email daily, utilizing an email signature that references both this blog and my twitter account.  May not sound like much to anyone else, but I tend to be an isolationist and I can go days to weeks without writing an email.

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What a life!

Well after much ado about nothing I can change for 30 days, my website is paused. Ah well, that leaves me with no excuse to avoid blogging and learning about wordpress. I have to admit that it is capable of just about everything I want my website to do.

Now to the bogging!

After attending the SFWC (San Francisco Writer’s Conference) in Feb. I find myself stunned that publishing is only now having to deal with the digital age. By that I mean, they have not yet modified their business practices. They still do the same thing they did in the 1930’s!

How insane is that? As a writer, I have mixed feelings about entrusting my livelihood to something that hasn’t really adapted to 21st Century life. That unfortunate reality walks hand in hand with that annoying little voice that says, “You aren’t really worthy of being called an author until you’ve been published by one of the Big 6”.

I’ve nearly crushed that bitchy little self defeating voice. Meanwhile, I am finding out about self-pub and holy cow! I may drown due to the options. I’ll let you know…oh will I.

Ignore the evil laughter, soon you won’t notice it at all.

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